Rubble's giving you the look.

Rubble is a stone-element pile of rocks, the second Warrior obtained and a useful character. Despite his humble appearence, Rubble shouldn't be underestimated, as his techniques are just as dangerous to Trolls as Pummel Weed's and Thermite's, if used properly.


Sling Stone- Rubble slings one of his stones close to the ground to trip or damage an enemy. Pull left trigger to activate.

Stone Chip- Rubble launches one of his stones into the air, to hit higher targets, or to go over something. Pull right trigger to activate.

Gravel Blast- Rubble explodes, sending his stones in all different directions. There is a wait until the stones return to Rubble's lonely head, though.

Razor Stone (EMx?)-Rubble's stunning rocks are coated with damaging spies that stick to enemies.

Rapid Charge (EMx?)-The wait to charge Gravel Blast is lowered.

Stone Storm (EMx?)-A concentrated Gravel Blast that uses up Spirit Energy as it pummels foes. to preform it, aim with the left stick while preforming Gravel Blast.

Spirit Up (EMx1)-Rubble's maximum spirit energy is increased.


"Rubble was recovered by the King of the Sixth Age, when the Elves discovered a remote cave on the peak of a distant mountain. Climbing to the top of this mountain was a difficult and lengthy journey that cost several lives, but the King was at last successful. Rubble ensured that the soil underfoot would always be fertile and produce good, healthy crops. In combat, his abilities helped the Royals to turn the tide of many battles. Those were difficult times, as the Elves struggled to bring peace to the land, but Rubble ensured many victories as his powers trapped bandits under many tons of earth and stone and split the very earth itself to swallow up an approaching army."

Alternate SkinsEdit

In-Game Alternate: Rubbles rocks become dry skulls, with spikes if Razor Stone is present.


Halloween: Rubble's head becomes black and his boulders become red devil heads.

Christmas: Rubble gains a warm hat and his rocks become Christmas tree ornaments.

Design-A-Skin: Rubble becomes covered in brown and white fur!


  • In his sprite form, Rubble actually had a bosy, albeit a misshapen one.