Major ruin

Armadillos rule!

Major Ruin is the fourth Elemental Warrior received after storming Thorn's Castle, and the second stone-element Warrior obtained. He is often used for getting around in pipes, ramps, and mountains, but also has useful combat capabilities.


Boulder Rush- A powerful rolling tackle that lets Major Ruin roll up ramps, cross the landscape, and attack trolls. Pull and hold the right trigger to charge up, and release to activate. This attack does use up Spirit Energy.

Rock Hop- A low hop that lets Major Ruin jump up on small ledges. Pull the left trigger to preform.

Razor Back (EMx?)- Major Ruin gains a spiky hide, letting him do more damage to trolls and causing them to stick to him.

Cyclone Spin (EMx?)- A wild and hard-to-control attack in which Major Ruin spins around and attacks trolls. This attack does use up Spirit Energy.

Hyper Cyclone Spin (EMx?)- Gives Cyclone Spin more control.

Spirit Up (EMx1)- Raises Major Ruin's maximum Spirit Energy.


"In the Seventh Age of the Realm, Major Ruin's Elemental Sprite was located in the midst of a barren wasteland, where vegetation was scarce and water in short supply. Major Ruin's elemental powers ensured that cliffs stood firm against the tides and mountains pointed towards the heavens, keeping the towns and people who made their homes on these rocky peaks free from avalanches and other disasters. In battle, Major Ruin was able to pass through fire unscathed to reach his enemies-a common tactic of the Elves, who would trap their enemies in a circle of flame and use Major Ruin to deliver the finishing blow."

Alternate SkinsEdit

In-Game Alternate: Major Ruin's shell becomes a shiny gold color.


Halloween: Major Tuin's body becomes a grotesque eyeball, and his spines become pins.

Christmas: Major Ruin becomes a frosted fruit cake.