Deep Blue

Water is a force of healing, and a force of destruction.

Deep Blue is the fith Elemental Warrior obtained, a octopus-styled creature that has uses in water and on land. His blaster-arms can squirt water out of water and blast torpedoes under it.


Aqua Cannon- Deep Blue expells water from his arms. Pull the right trigger on land ot activate. This attack does use up Spirit Energy.

Hydro Thrust- A foward thrust that pushes Deep Blue foward underwater. Pull and hold left trigger to preform. This technique doesn't use up Spirit Energy.

Aqua Blaster- Underwater, Deep Blue fires twin torpedoes that damage targets significantly. Pull the right trigger to activate.

Dragpool (EMx?)- Lets Deep Blue retreat himself into a whirlpool that sucks in and kills trolls on contact. Pull both triggers on land to preform. Does use up Sprit Energy.

Slick Jet (EMx?)- Deep Blue squirts ingnitable oil onto trolls. Pull the left trigger on land to activate. This attack does use up Spirit Energy.

Splash Down (EMx?)- Deep Blue retracts, like in Dragpool, but his tentacles still show, allowing him to grab and attack trolls. Pull both triggers to preform.


"A severe storm had destroyed most on an Elfin entourage as they returned from across the sea, and the Queen of the Tenth Age found herself cast adrift on a distant shot...but not alone, as this desert isle was home to an Elemental Sprite. The Queen had clung to the Wotnot Book like a lifeline even as her fleet faced destruction and was able to capture this sprite, discovering it to be Deep Blue. Deep Blue's abilities kept the rivers and oceans of the land pure and free from disease, as well as providing the Queen with a way back to civilization and her people."

Alternate SkinsEdit

In-Game Alternate: Deep Blue's skin becomes a golden green, and his head crest disappears.


Halloween: Deep blue becomes a spider, covered in tarantula fur and with several red eyes.




  • Before obtaining Thermite, Deep Blue's Aqua Blaster might be the most powerful single Warrior technique, as they can blast through stone chests with ease.