Ash is the third obtained of Kameo's Warriors, and is happy to torch trolls and set blazes to enemies all day long.


Fire Blast- Ash breathes a fireball that sticks to surfaces and goes in the direction it was breathed. To activate, pull the right trigger, and holding the right trigger wil let the uuser aim with the left stick. This attack does use Spirit Energy.

Fire Blaze- Ash breathes an inferno of fire right in front of him. Pull the right trigger to activate and hold to keep i going. Move the left stick to swivel Ash's head. This attack does use Spirit Energy.

Inferno (EMx2)- Upgrades Fire Blaze's range.

Wildfire (EMx2)- Upgrades Fire Blast so that it splits into three different fireballs that slowly part from each other's trajectory.

Incinerator (EMx3)- A dangerous trap that can be laid and then activated. It will suck in all nearby trolls and spit them out in a red-hot inferno, instantly killing them. To lay the trap, pull both triggers, and to activate it, pull them both again. Be warned that not activating the trap for too long will cause t to disappear. This technique does use up Spirit Energy.

Spirit Up (EMx1)- ash's maximum Spirit Energy is increased.


"Shortly after restoring Rubble to the Wotnot Book, the King's new abilities allowed him to reach a stretch of land where plumes of fire rose high into the sky and the ground was black with soot. Hiding in this desolate place was an Elemental Sprite, and when the King braved the heat and searing flames to capture it, he discovered that it was Ash, the mighty Elemental Warrior who brought the spark of fire to the land, allowing food to be cooked and homes to be warmed. Ash's powerful flame also allowed the Elves to confuse their enemies with mighty smoke clouds, launching his attack in a shroud of darkness and winning battles before the enemy even knew they had begun."

Alternate SkinsEdit

In-Game Alternate: Ash's skin turns a bluish-green color.


Halloween: Ash becomes completely bony, a skeloton of the dragon he formerly was.


Design-A-Skin: Ash becomes a griffin, with brown and white feathers replacing his scales and a sharp beak in place of his snout.